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Real-time optimization and process control

Increases quality and productivity

When production plan is finish we move to phase of real manufacturing. We are able to deliver individual MES (Manufacturing and execution system) which take care data about each producing piece, automatically set new machine settings and parameters individual for each order, collect quality data about production and print out final production report. All these steps are online real-time visible on system.

Except MES system we deliver also Mathematical models for your process. These models helps to deliver into machine modified settings based on different sensor measurements. Mathematical model takes your quality target, sensor data and every few seconds modify your machine settings to keep your quality target on high level. This we call real-time manufacturing process control. Again important part of these mathematical models is optimization, which search for best production settings in real-time. The result of such a optimizations must be available in terms of seconds. Mathematical models can have simple form with few parameter calculation up to very sophisticated versions, where is taken into account real physics of manufacturing process (physical models).